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A Speaking Website is an innovative way to introduce your product or service through a video actor to viewers of your website. You can tell us where the actor should point, what to say and how to dress. Place your Speaking Website Video over your existing website without and modification! Select from one of our Spraking Web Site actors to get started!

With a Speaking Website you can deliver your messaging using both sight and sound, which reinforces your messaging and establishes trust. With your speaking website you can turn passive site visitors into active participants by engaging them, informing them and directing them to take action. Most of all you will create a lasting impression that will drive traffic and increase the likelihood of return visits.

But you say,"I don't have a script?" We have you covered. Our professional script writers will put the words together for you! Once you place the order, our scriptwriters will check out your website and give you a call to do a small interview. Then, they will write your script. All you really need to decide is which actor you would like to have on your website. That's where you start the process. The order process will only take a few minutes. Give us a call if you have a question....We're here to help. Thank you for your interest in Speaking Websites.

We are sure that a Speaking Website will help you stand above and apart from your competition. Read Our Testimonials

Speaking Web Site Automated Marketing Systems

Website Speaking provides online marketers with advanced multi-media internet technologies that automates the online sales process with minimal human interation. Our products increase traffic to prospects and prospects to sales conversion ratios.

Our mission is to provide Automated Video Marketing Systems, Specialized Video Web Development, and other technologically advanced multi-media Internet marketing products and services to online corporations. We provide a "Turn-Key" multi-media marketing solution for your website.

By connecting on a more personal level, you will focus your visitors' attention on the message you want them to take away.
We can install a video of a real person on your website so that your customers will buy your product or service more often. Presentation by a real person will make your message more memorable.

In today's crowded online marketplace, driving visitors to your website through pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation and good website design has become essential. But simply driving traffic to your site is only the beginning. Converting visitors into customers is the key to online success.

The secret is to understand the customer's motivation and to deliver the right message in a precise, powerful way. Speaking Web Sites do just that.

By placing a streaming video of a moving, talking person anywhere on your website, visitors are quickly engaged and your key message is delivered immediately and in person.

With online attention spans being notoriously short, the first few seconds of a visitor's experience of your website are vital and a Speaking Website can help keep you one step ahead of the competition. As well as greeting visitors and delivering sales messages, the Speaking Website could also point out buttons or features of your site's navigation, encouraging visitors to click through to relevant pages.

Our intention is to help clients such as yourselves to achieve optimum results. We work very hard to ensure that our services include everything you need, from the basic requirements to the more complex.

We are confident in saying that we can generally handle our clients' most demanding requests to their complete satisfaction.