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Exciting features that are included
with every new Speaking Website video...

Position anywhere, change anytime

Videos can be positioned anywhere on the screen using our system. This means that you or your web master simply has to include a line of code anywhere in the page's html, and your video's position can be easily changed anytime by signing into our control panel.

Some of the options include:

  • float bottom left
  • float bottom from left
  • float bottom center
  • float bottom left or right of center
  • float bottom right
  • fixed where the code is placed
  • fixed from top left
  • fixed from top center
  • fixed left or right of top center

Your player controls can even be positioned left, center, or right. You get the idea... Your Speaking website Live Video can be placed basically, anywhere!

speaking website
Additional Speaking Website video included features

Timed page interactions

Our streaming video technology allows you to easily trigger any page action from any time point in any video. This means that you can have an image appear, disappear, move, etc. based on when the person is discussing that topic. You have full control over what happens, and when, and it is very easy to implement and edit.

Randomize or sequence videos

We make it simple to randomize web videos that appear on a page. You can even order them so that they show up sequentially to match your standard business processes.

Invite your visitors to click on the live actor on your speaking website.

Your web videos can invite the visitor to click on the video to take an action. You can easily set that action to be a link to a web page, an email address, or a javascript function (ie., launch live chat or start another video). You can also string together several videos with different positions to deliver an engaging message.

Cookies and delays

You can set a day, week, or month cookie that comes from your domain and ensures your visitors see your videos only as often as you want them to. You can also show or hide the play button, or create one yourself (remember, videos can be launched from any link). Videos can also be delayed at the beginning (ie. wait 60 seconds to start a live support related video), or frozen at the end to allow visitors more time to click on the video. You control and update these settings easily in the control panel.

Getting new code to your web master

Our system allows you to easily send the code for new speaking website videos created direct to your web master. Just enter their email address and click send. They will receive a link back to this site that will show them the code and implementation instructions. Or we provide complete installation support for you speaking website video.