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The Speking Website Process In Detail

Your Message » Your Own Script » Web Video Studio Recording » Streaming Video Presentations on Your Website

Your Message

You want to hold the prospect's attention so that you can get your message across clearly. Homepage web videos should be less than 45 seconds and should not include too much detail. A straight forward greeting with a focus on your main message is most effective. A teaser or hook also works very well. The message should increase the prospect's curiosity so that they will look at your website instead of clicking away.

Product information pages can have videos that are a little longer. Testing has shown that it is best to keep the messages focused and under 90 seconds.

speaking website
Your the Director of Your Speaking Website

Direct your own script

You know your business best. You create and send us a draft script which we edit and send back to you with suggested changes if necessary. Once you sign off on the finished script we forward it to the studio who will then prepare it.

  • You decide which actor/actress to choose
  • You choose any non-verbal actions that you want made during the presentation.
  • You choose the wardrobe.
  • You choose the size of the image to be displayed on your website.

Professional studio recording

Our web videos are made in a professional recording studio using the latest state of the art digital video recording equipment. The professionally trained actors and actresses use a teleprompter while under high intensity lighting.

The production is done to exacting specifications to ensure the highest quality. After recording, our processing team performs editing as required. Speaking Website Live Person Video is typically live within seven days of the recording session.

Encoding The Web Videos

Once the shoot is finished and edited the footage must be changed so that it can be sent at super high speed over the Internet. After encoding, the file is placed onto high-speed servers with special software that ensures quick, reliable delivery as expected for your speaking website.

After we install the video to your website. Your presentations will appear anywhere on your website that you want. You have control over when, where and how the presentations play.