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Web Video Script Assistance

As knowledgeable as we are in making scripts, we clearly lack the necessary depth of insight into your organization and the message that you wish to communicate.

Together, with your knowledge and our script-creating expertise, we can produce a great script.

Attract attention to the strongest benefits of your product or service

We ask you to produce the first script, keeping in mind that each 80 words are approximately 30 seconds in length. In addition we want to talk in person or by phone to you about your organization and how you would like the video to be presented.

Once we have a good understanding of your organization and your goals, we liaise with you in creating and editing scripts incorporating your primary message with other important messages and company tag lines.

Our goal is to highlight what distinguishes you from your competition. Since the video is of limited length, the intention is to keep the key message clear and easily understandable by the viewer.

Once we have a final script, we ask you to sign it off and then the video is made. At all times you have the final say as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the script.

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Script Making and Key Points to Cover

Making a powerful and convincing script isn't simply about the spoken part. Non-verbal communication is also extremely important. We can direct the actor or actress to make certain motions, hand movements, facial expressions etc.

We can also direct the voice to go up when asking an important question or pause after a key point for silent emphasis. All these small points contribute to creating a very effective presentation.

Key Points Of Script Making:

Establish Rapport From The Start

On the internet, website viewers click through at a high rate of speed. Industry experts contend that if you don't capture your prospect's attention within 3 to 4 seconds they will click through to another website.

Speaking Websites immediately capture the attention of viewers. It is important to hold this attention.

Make a connection and hold their attention with your speaking website actor.

We retain their attention by making an connection. This can be established by having the actor or actress ask a question that has significance to the prospective customer.

Demonstrate A Benefit

Let the viewer know how your product or service will benefit them. It is really important to make it clear.

Request An Action From The Viewer

Help guide your viewer to the area of your speaking website that you think will be most beneficial to your viewer.

Whether or not the viewer buys today, we at least have captured their attention.

A Little Gentle Persuasion

As you want your video script to be friendly and convincing use certain key phrases to cut through viewer resistance.

The correct positioning of important sales resistant killer phrases really enhances the effectiveness of the presentation giving it great results.

Choose The Most Appropriate Actor Or Actress for your industry. Use the correct actor to present your message to your target audience. You know best who that target audience is. This is an important aspect of getting results. We have over 150 to choose from

Correct Wardrobe Choice

Choice of appropriate dress for your message is important.

If you or one of your personnel is presenting the video(s) it is worth noting that fitted clothing is better than loose, and color is better than plain.

Try not to wear something all one color, add a splash of something different to help break up the line.

If you have chosen to use one of our actors then we will select with your agreement appropriate clothing to complement the color scheme of your site.